MWBE Opportunity Program

About the Minority & Women's Business Opportunity Program

Buffalo Development Corporation (BDC) has a long history of growth and development in the City of Buffalo that has changed the landscape and the economy in our burgeoning metropolitan. As a part of our commitment to continued growth it is with great pride that we now engage in a coordinated & concentrated effort to support the growth and development of MWBE firms across the City of Buffalo & the State of NY. BDC works to engage the utilization of MWBE contractors to assure that the goals set forth in our projects include professional, technical and supplier opportunities for MWBE firms to fulfill project obligations.

All Prime firms who contract directly with BDC are required to make and demonstrate "Good Faith Efforts" to include meaningful participation with sub-contracting work done by MWBE firms. BDC encourages the cooperation of prime contractors and principal subcontractors in the development of a meaningful utilization plan. The joint effort of both the prime contractors and subcontractors not only makes the utilization plan development a more efficient process, but also provides for a wider and more diverse span of trades, services and supplies that may be available for potential opportunities. For more information on what is considered a "Good Faith Effort" please see the link below.

NYS maintains a comprehensive Directory of Certified Minority and Women-Owned Businesses. This directory is web-based and is an available resource for any interested party/prime contractor to utilize and locate MWBE firms to subcontract with. NYS under the leadership and direction of Governor Andrew Cuomo has paid $1,960,095,714 to MWBE prime contractors and subcontracts for work performed during the past fiscal year.

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